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Drawing to win a 55 inch 4k TV

Four Way Insurance, L.L.C. will be holding a drawing. The contest will begin February 22nd thru March 19th. We will give away a TV on April 22nd.

Here is how it works:

Lines of Business (Listed Below) we Quote will qualify you in our contest drawing for a 55 inch 4k TV TV.

These are the Lines of Business that qualify :

1- TENNESSEE Auto Quote

2-TENNESSEE Homeowners/Renters Quote

3-TENNESSEE Life Quote

4-TENNESSEE Medicare Supplement Quote

5-TENNESSEE Umbrella Quote

No Purchase Required. We just need to provide you a Fully Underwritten Quote(s) and Advise you over the Phone.

For Current Customers if you can refer someone that we Fully Underwrite and Contact over the Phone we will enter your name into the drawing.


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